Der norwegische Designer William Stormdal nutzte meine Schrift Nora zur Erstellung eines Brandings für eine Norwegische Destillerie.

Design: William Stormdal
Das Projekt auf Behance ansehen

Staur is a distillery that combines Norwegian commodities with Japanese distilling techniqiues. It's located in Ås, just outside Oslo and has a proud history of craft and attention to exploring new ways of producing fine liquor. For the brand it was important to embrace the brand values; Tradition, heritage & nature, and by doing so with consistant appliance throughout the identity and the product range. The concept for the brand is to create a fusion between the Norwegian agricultural tradition, with the japanese artisan production and liquor heritage. A style for something handmade and yet refined – combined with elegant layout and attention to detail and visual concepts.

The name Staur is both the norwegian name for piles of stone on the moutain tops, its also a technique used in traditional norwegian farming to dry the hay after reaping it from the fields. To connect the name with the brand small poems and text setups were set in a 30° to symbolize the distinct look of a 'hesjestaur.